Hey, I Tried

You know, not every look is a success. If you add print mixing to the equation? Well, it makes it even harder to succeed.

But hey, I tried!

Me, who’s not really a fan of red, white and blue, has suddenly bought a ton of items in those colors!

Here, I tried to print mix that combo by combining my recent Target striped tee (on sale 3/$20) with this thrifted (from Deseret Industries) Tommy Hilfiger patterned skirt ($5.00)

The colors match but the combination of these two patterns don’t.

Nautica Slides $14.99 Marshall’s

On the plus side, it was cool and comfortable…

just not ‘fashionable.’

What top would YOU have put with this skirt?

Asking for a friend.



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  1. I am pleased you asked Darlene.
    I would have picked one of the colors in the skirt. This (in my estimation) is the best way to show off a patterned skirt. A casual tee or sleeveless blouse would have ended up getting you second looks and compliments when out and about.

    Dee xoxo

  2. Maybe this isn’t your favorite, but it’s fun and whimsical….and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve been trying to add some more smaller polka dot tops to my wardrobe, because sometimes they work better with a print skirt!!

  3. Great for trying and having such a great sense of humour about it! It’s what makes us real. I would have looked for a red, lighter, summer casual blouse, or a pretty red summer v-neck t-shirt to pick up the colour red at the bottom of the skirt and a nice beige summer wedge, that compliments the colours of your outfit, but does not match (sport sandals are cute too), and some cute delicate gold tone jewellery. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Tie your t-shirt knot a bit higher, more at the waist and add a minty green bandana at your neck.
    Your pattern mixing is fine!!! Try these tweaks and you might like your concept better!

  5. Well, I’m definitely not the one to be asking what I’d have done because when it comes to mixing prints, I just don’t. And it’s not because I don’t love the look, but I just don’t love the look on ME. I think I’d have gone with macrame or espadrille wedges with that outfit and maybe limited the top to two colors (maybe navy with white stripes?) – I dunno. I love this post – shows that we’re not hitting it out of the ballpark every time.

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