The Scooter Skirt

Recently, I came across a scooter skirt at the thrift. NOT a skort…and YES there IS a difference. Check out this blog post I wrote for Thrift Town thrift store back in July of 2015 where I talked about the differences.

Seriously, just look at it to see how far the quality of my photos have come. Okay, maybe they haven’t come that far. Hahaha

Any hoo… here is my current scooter skirt.

Jamie Sadock tan scooter skirt $5.99 from Savers

Can you tell that I didn’t feel like having my photo taken, and my son didn’t feel like taking it?

We were standing outside of Target on my way to buy a million things that I didn’t need. #LikeEveryoneElse

But really, I am SO happy with this purchase. The brand is Jamie Sadock and I’ve found several items from this brand, but none that have ever fit me.

Up close of the front of the scooter skirt

Being a sucker for all the little details, this $5.99 scooter skirt has them.

Really! This scooter skirt has a total of SIX pockets (three of them zippered) that can hold absolutely…


But they look cute.


But really, the color of this is that perfect kind of ‘golden’ tan that I feel will go with a lot of different colors.

I know you are not surprised that I paired it with BLACK to start.



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  1. Not a surprise with the black. But it is good to be predictable at times. And what a cute skirt. I know what you mean about the pockets, if you’re going to have pockets shouldn’t you be able to use them? But then again not everything has to be functional. Like my husband haha!!!

  2. LOL! I have jeggings that have 4 or 6 pockets and they zip….working zippers. They couldn’t hold a safety pin! I guess adding real pockets would add bulk to them, plus sometimes if they’re tighter-fitting, the pockets gap so I guess I should be thankful. Gives me an excuse to buy a cute crossbody mini anyway. That skirt is super cute and you did awesome finding it for less than $6! I have a skort that is kind of styled like that. My only problem is that I have to iron it every time I wash it :/ I love wearing black with tan and beige and olive and….oh…pretty much anything, so I don’t question that that’s your first choice. And don’t we always NEED something when we go into Target? Target should spray paint something interesting onto its drab walls….maybe then you and your son would be more inspired!


    1. Unfortunately, this skirt needed ironed too but I was too lazy to do it. 🙄🤣
      The front of Target actually has a cool metal bar feature on one of its walls, but I just was not in the mood. I need to be a better blogger. Sigh…

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