Patchwork Skirt

I am back with yet another Walmart fashion gem. This time it’s a patchwork denim skirt.

Alex Patchwork Skirt $18.00

It’s the perfect skirt to pair with anything.

Today, I paired it with this Men’s graphic tee from Marshall’s (my new favorite non-thrift store place to shop). I thought it was a fun way to add some pink into my wardrobe.

See the bracelets I’m wearing?

They are a total dupe for a brand that cost like $200 for ONE bracelet…

and the bracelets are made out of PLASTIC!

I got a set of three for under $7.00.


I’ve been doing most of my damage at Marshall’s in the shoe department. I scored these Tommy Hilfiger sneaks for under $25.

But truth be told, had I not already taken off the tags, I probably would have returned them. I don’t see myself reaching for them all that often.

Oh well, live and learn!


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  1. I’m glad you kept these sneakers (unless they aren’t comfy) because I wear my white ones like that more than I thought I would. Especially with dresses. Of course, I have that white footwear bug lately too, so maybe that’s why.

  2. The short denim skirt you are wearing is exactly like one I used to own about twenty years ago. Doing a bit of math that would have made me your age — now. I wish I had kept it. Oh…not for me at this weight and size, but since it was a size six it might have looked as good on you as yours does now…Ha-Ha
    I agree with Jodie that the sneakers are ones I would keep.
    Where are you? Pretty scenery!!

    Dee xoxo

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