Fun Background

How FUN are these two backgrounds I came across while shopping?!

The fact that it happened to be #NationalDonutDay was an added bonus!

How about this outfit? The shorts are yet another Walmart score.

ALEX striped short $16.00

I love how well it paired with this off the shoulder denim top. It was a clearance score last year, from Target.

Speaking of Target…did you see my IG story? On Saturday, their system went down, NATIONWIDE! Thankfully, their system got back up and running so I could spend some of my hard earned money there. LOL

The sandals? Also a Target find (recent) and I love them! I always find it hard to find white sandals that I really like. I think it helps that these have a touch of silver on them.

I always try to wear at least ONE thrifted item in my #OOTD (because that’s who I am) and today it happens to be this FAB CHICO’S necklace!

It was an UNBELIEVABLE SCORE from the Assistance League of Las Vegas Thrift Store.

Because it had some schmutz on it, it was marked AS IS for the low, low price of…


Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either!



Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

6 thoughts

  1. Yay for shorts!! I’m glad I’m not the only old woman wearing them today on the blog (not that you’re old…ha ha).
    And that necklace is amazing!! You always get the best deals.

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