Statement Jacket

The weather is REALLY heating up here in Vegas, so while it was still on the cool side, I took advantage and wore this FAB ‘Unit’ brand jacket that I scored for $4.99 at Savers.

It really took my jeans, tee shirt and sneakers to a whole nother level.

Even though these photos make the jacket look kind of brownish, the ‘true’ color is army green.

Check out all the details.

Pretty cool, right?!

Do you add statement jackets to elevate the basics in your wardrobe?

Oh! I almost forgot!

Check out this jewelry I paired with it.

The bracelet is abalone and mother of pearl ( I think) and was $10. I forget what stone is in the ring but whatever it is, I know it’s worth more than the $15 I paid.

How do I score such good deals at these estate sales? I always shop on the last day of the sale, when everything is 50% off!

Are you an estate sale shopper?


Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

12 thoughts

  1. That’s so smart about the last day of the sale, Darlene.
    And that jacket is amazing. I used to have a top that changed color like this depending on whether you were in artificial light or sunlight…it’s amazing!!

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  2. The temperatures are certainly rising here in Vegas. Keep the jacket as it will come in handy in the fall & winter months, Great thrift prices! Estate sale jewelry were great finds!!

    Dee xoxo

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