It Was Dark

While I was in Ohio visiting my sister, my friend and I hit up the local Salvation Army.

One of the items I found was this Chico’s jacket.

Even though green is not one of my fave colors, I decided to give it a go. After all, it was only $3.99.

Unfortunately, what I didn’t notice in the store, was that it was actually too big for me. In my defense, it was dark in the store and the mirror was distorted. #ForReal

Plus, you all know I can’t see. lol

I decided to pair it with one of my estate sale scarves and a pair of jeans because, well, up until recently, it’s been cold and rainy here.

I wore this to our local fancy shopping destination because I had to return something to Macy’s. It’s a really good place to get photos.

But I really wasn’t feeling this look, so my ‘fancy’ shot became…

a shot standing in the parking lot.

As for this jacket? She’s on her way back to the thrift for someone else to enjoy.


Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

9 thoughts

  1. I am surprised you are not feeling that look, as I think the colour green compliments your skin tone, and the jacket seems to fit you perfectly. I think this casual, very put together look, looks fantastic, and I love everything about it😊!

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  2. I think that green looks great on you, too! Maybe try the jacket again with different accessories or if you really don’t like the fit, try something else in green, like a shirt or a green scarf or a different green jacket that you like better. (I wear a lot of olive green and we have about the same coloring). I love the outfit and you could never look like an old lady, ever!

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