Retail Therapy

That’s right, your girl has been hitting up the retail stores lately.

No, not those expensive stores.

*I’m looking at YOU, Target!

But the discount stores like Marshall’s, Ross and WALMART!

*When did Target’s clothes get SO expensive??? No wonder people pick that brand up at the thrift store.

Side note: While at Target I DID pick up three items off their clearance rack.

#ImWeak πŸ˜‰

Today, I am sharing my Mother’s Day look that features items from my recent retail therapy shopping.

Originally, I was going to get super dressed up with a Boden skirt I thrifted last year, but I’m having a hard time styling it so…

I ALSO was going to share pics of my MIL and another fabulous 94 year old lady named Beverly, (who has ‘adopted’ me) but that didn’t happen either, so all you get is me…

and this photo of MY mom. She was 56 here. One year younger than I am now, and 3 years before she passed away.

#IMissYouMom 😦

Quick note : My ‘adopted’ mom, Beverly, gifted me this necklace from her extensive collection of fashion jewelry.

FYI : she has a velvet jumpsuit that is TOO DIE FOR that I wouldn’t mind borrowing.

EV1 Alex white skirt

I have been on the hunt for ANY article of clothing that has a side stripe on it. So when I spotted this on Walmart’s website and it was only $18.00, I bought it!

In fact, I’m loving this line of clothing from Ellen Degeneres (that you can only purchase online, at least, I can’t find it in stores here in Vegas) that I bought two more Alex skirts and a pair of Maddy jeans!

Yeah, the quality is THAT GOOD.

Let’s talk about the shoes and purse.

Marshall’s is my new FAVE place to buy shoes. I used to shop there all the time when I lived in NM, but just recently started shopping there again, here. Really, if you haven’t jumped on the shoe bandwagon at Marshall’s…


These Tommy Hilfiger slides were under $20 and I LOVE them!

On a recent senior day at Ross, I came across this Steve Madden purse (for $24.99) and I was SUPER EXCITED! I was in the market for a white crossbody bag and I LOVED the circle shape…

until I used it. That circle shape is a PAIN IN THE BUTT!!! That, and the low quality zippers on it. What a waist of my hard earned money.

#LiveAndLearnHopefully πŸ˜‰

So there you have it, my Mother’s Day 2019 outfit.

Wait a minute, I just realized not ONE single thing I’m wearing is from the thrift store!



Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

12 thoughts

  1. Excuse me…I’m in shock. I can’t believe this is all retail pieces!! But super cute. Sorry the purse is a pain. My mom doesn’t like the round ones because her wallet won’t fit…ha ha!~!

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  2. I love the simple outfits and I love the side stripes and the circle purses. I’m disappointed to hear that the circle purses are pains to use because I really wanted one 😦 That’s a gorgeous necklace and I’ll bet the velvet jumpsuit is fabulous (I know that would be a whole post in itself). I’m a budget shopper, too, and I love Target because the looks are so high-end now. The prices are higher now, but the style is up-to-date and right up with the current fashion and mostly the quality is good to great. I’ve never shopped for shoes at Marshall’s…..I’ll have to have a look!


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