Droopy Drawers

I was on the fence about these pants when I came across them at Savers.

But I thought to myself…

they’re Chico’s, they are only $4.49…eh, I’ll give them a try.

And since I scored a bunch of graphic tees from Marshall’s I decided to pair the pants with one of my FAVE Rap/Hip Hop groups.

Then, two things happened.

I noticed in these photos, that I’ve got some droopy drawers going on. I actually think these might be a tad too big on me. Hard to believe, I know!


I went to visit my MIL who, at 93 has NO FILTER WHAT SO EVER.

She looked me up one side and down the other and said…

“I’m not going to say anything.”

Which says it all. LOL


Author: style4lessvegas

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  1. I happen to like the pants….especially if you tie them tighter at the ankles because then they are like joggers. Which are modern and fun!!

  2. Simple styling. I like the fact that you appear to be comfortable in your own skin. By that, I mean you do not come across as, “Look at me aren’t I sexy and looking SO YOUNG”. The woman who is okay with her age and her sexuality is one who has it all together BEFORE she dresses and presents herself to the world. You are a knockout for your age group of peers!!
    Work it — but never forget how your innate kindness and generous nature are what folks end up liking the most about you.

    (p.s. LOVE the shoes!!)

    Dee xoxo

  3. Tie them tighter at the ankles, keep the shoes you are wearing or add a heel and they totally look great and stylish!

  4. I’m with Dee. In fact I’ll be printing up her response and putting it some place where I can see it – what an awesome thing to say!
    I like the outfit!

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