Passport to a Good Time

Last week, my good friend and fellow blogger, Jamie from More Than Turquoise came to town…

so of course we went thrifting!

Now, you know when I go thrifting I have my uniform…black tank top, black yoga pants and flip flops but since I wasn’t looking for myself (okay, maybe I looked just a little bit) I decided to dress a little nicer.

This Passport top was my first score of the year from Goodwill and it was only $3.00! I liked all the details it had going on, especially the embroidery.

Also, lately, I’ve jumped on the Walmart train. Have you seen all their commercials with the really cute clothes?

I scored these sandals for under $8.00 and after wearing them thrifting all day, I’m happy to report that they are SUPER comfortable!

I have to tell you, Jamie is an expert thrifter and she found some real gems, including an Adidas track suit that I was ready to fight her for, had we been the same size. LOL

In case you missed her post on Monday, check it out HERE to see three of the items she scored during our #thriftventure. The dress came from Savers, the hat from the Assistance League of Las Vegas and the killer boots are from Goodwill Deja Blue Boutique.

We had SO much fun together! I miss you GF, hurry back!! XOXO


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  1. Shopping with friends makes the experience so much better!! I love that you two went together!!
    And this top?? Amazing!! Just look at how you glow in this color!!

  2. Your thrifting outfit was perfect and your friend Jamie looks amazing! Kudos to the two of you on your latest thrifting adventure.

    Dee xoxo

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