Ted Baker and Tahari

I love it when I score an item of clothing that is reversible and when it’s Ted Baker…I’m winning!!

I scored this for only $4.99!!
The printed pattern is my favorite side.

On this particular day, we were going to visit my MIL so I tried to make somewhat of an effort and paired the jacket with these Tahari printed navy pants.

I’m loving our roses this year!

I RARELY buy pants at the thrift (because I’m too lazy to try them on) but recently, I’ve been on a roll and scored five pairs! #WhoAmI

My scarf is a 50 cent estate sale find.

These Tahari pants are sold as Macy’s for around $89. I scored them for $3.22. They are actually pull on stretch pants and were super comfortable. The only problem I had (besides them being a tad small) was the fact that I didn’t really have any shoes that looked right with them…

so I donated them back to the thrift…

and after seeing these photos, I’m kind of regretting that decision.

Needless to say, I showed up at my MIL’s and she was KILLIN’ THE GAME in her outfit…

as always. ❤


Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

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