Eva Trends : Twinsies

I was gifted this item of clothing in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

I’m back with another Spring look from Eva Trends!

Letha Hooded Shirt

Now, to me, this shirt screams Fall/Winter, but I’m currently in NE Ohio and Springtime means one day it’s Sunny and 75, the next day it’s Snowing, so this shirt was PERFECT!

FYI : I got to experience a Tornado warning while I was there, too. #LuckyMe 🙁

So, you know how I always say that Eva Trends is a loose fit, comfortable line of clothing, where one ‘free size’ item can fit multiple body shapes and sizes? Today, I am proving that, by twinning with my sister, Annette!

Let’s start off with the sizing. This Letha Hooded Shirt says it fits M/L/XL/2X. For reference, I’m a size M on top and 8 (okay, probably closer to a 10 now) on the bottom. Annette is a L on top and a solid 14 (her words, not mine) on the bottom.

Did this shirt fit the both of us??? You be the judge!

To make it more interesting, we decided to go back in time and do the typical Senior poses from the 80’s.

First up, the basic background.

Next up, the sideways glance/smile at nothing pose.

How about the full body pose, in the middle of the yard, because you live in the country.

Of course, you need an ‘artsy’ shot.

You ALWAYS need to include a sexy (leaning against a tree) pose. Annette nailed this one!

No Senior picture would be complete without posing by your car. 😉 When I say ‘your car’ I mean my 83 year old Dad’s red sporty car!

There you have it, every cheesy pose we could think of. Hahaha

This Eva Trends Letha Hooded shirt has been a Godsend here in Ohio. Most days it’s been cold and rainy and this shirt has kept me warm and dry. The quality is excellent and the fit is loose and comfortable.

If you’re interested in giving Eva Trends a try be sure and use my code DFA15 to save 15% off your order, including sale items!

What’s coming next?

Selma Midi Dress

Finally, something totally my style! 🙂

P.S. In case you were wondering if I ever wore my overalls (from THIS post) out in public, I did!

So there! Hahaha 😉


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  1. You guys are SO cute!! I love that you each made it your own, and your commentary on the photos just cracked me up!!

  2. Ha, ha that was good! I like the shirts. Way to be brave enough to wear the overalls. I think you look awesome! (There’s also the 80’s rock and roll headshot where one person looks forward and the other one looks to the side -both expressions as serious as possible, but your hair has to be bigger).

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