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Today starts a three part style series featuring Eva Trends! You know the brand…they feature loose fit, comfortable clothing , where one (free size) item can fit people of different sizes.

Next Friday I will be twinning an item with my sister! Here’s a sneak peak of the item.

Letha Hooded Shirt

So, why did I pick these overalls to style?

Because I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone…

and boy did I ever!!

Pamela Overall Dungarees

In fact, my contact at Eva Trends couldn’t believe I chose these either!

Here are her exact words… “Yeah when you pick the overall I also feel surprised, cause based on what you choose before, it’s not the kind of style you wear often.”

I’m just full of surprises! Hahaha

Pamela Overall Dungarees

After styling these (with a whole ‘farmer’s market’ vibe) and wearing them around the house, they started to grow on me…but not enough to wear them out.

I take that back, had this Yes Style shirt not have been so cropped, I might have walked out the door wearing this.

Before I give you my thoughts on these Pamela Overall Dungarees, how cute is this bag?!

Noonday Collection bag $1.99 Savers

So what are my thoughts?


The wash and feel of the denim. It’s SO soft!

The strap and button details.

The stenciled letters detail.

The quality/workmanship is on point.

So, why am I struggling (confidence wise) with wearing these overalls in public?

  1. I think I’m too old
  2. I love distressed denim but this is TOO distressed for my taste.
  3. The drop crotch. It’s very MC Hammer, but in saying that, it’s very on trend with its street wear vibe and also, it’s pretty comfortable.

So, will I ever wear these in public?

Well, I did bring them to Ohio with me.

Be sure and follow me on IG Stories to see if I gain enough confidence to wear them out and about.

If you already possess the necessary confidence, check out Eva Trends and use my code DFA15 to save 15% off your order, including SALE items!


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9 thoughts

  1. I know what you mean…but the idea of feeling too old for certain things is not always rationale. Especially when these actually make you look younger because the style is so modern and on trend.
    And they are different. It’s not like you’re wearing overalls from the farm…these are fabulous!!!

  2. I always worry about my age in relation to what I wear too, but you look really young so I wouldn’t worry about it! I feel like the overalls would be really comfortable on a road trip or just hanging out on the weekend. You look really cute and I love the bag- it’s perfect with your top!

  3. I think you worry too much about age and being appropriate. RELAX, my friend, and enjoy the fact that you are slender enough to pull off wearing this outfit. You look casual and comfy and trendy!!

    Happy Weekend!!
    Dee xoxo

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