A Colorful Shirt/Jacket

I recently scored this colorful item of clothing.

Tracy M. shirt/jacket $3.59 Reg $7.79 at Savers

And I wondered to myself, “Is this a shirt or is it a jacket?” I decided it was both!

I also wondered to myself, “Hmm…it kind of screams ‘old lady’ to me. How can I make it more FRESH?”

Avia sneakers $17.97

So I decided to go with my distressed denim AND a pair of DAD SNEAKERS! Yep, I recently jumped on that bandwagon thanks to WALMART of all places and I LOVE them! Man, Walmart is coming to play with all the recent cute fashions they are serving up. Bloggers everywhere are styling pieces they have scored from there.

As far as accessories go, I went with some Southwest turquoise from New Mexico. The ring is legit, the necklace is not. It was a score from a Pawn shop where of course, I negotiated the price down.

Can you believe this jacket retailed new around $129.00! Crazy, huh!

On a side note, can you believe how long my hair is getting?! I’m contemplating a new ‘do’.

Have a great weekend!


Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

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