My Latest Skincare Products

So many of you lately have been asking me about the skincare products I use, so today I thought I would share my current favorites.

#YouAreWelcome šŸ˜‰

Now, when it comes to purchasing skincare, I don’t discriminate. Whether it’s CVS, Sephora, Nordstrom or an online only company…you can find top of the line products anywhere!

How is that possible, you ask? Well, I’m married to a toxicologist…a scientist…a person whose specialty is poison and who, at one time, consulted with one of the top cosmeceutical companies in the world. 


Whenever I’m in the market for skincare, he is my go-to guy. By looking at the ingredients listed on the box, he can quickly tell me whether or not the product has what it takes, to do what it claims. 

Today, I thought I would share three products I have been using lately. One from the drugstore, one from Sephora and one online product. 

Up first from CVS is Beauty360 Renewing Eye Lifting Serum. This product is comparable to Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum. 

Guess what! The Olay Regenerist Eye cream doesn’t contain the ingredients needed to work BUT the CVS brand does! 


This is my third time purchasing this product. CVS is always sending me discounts worth 40% off which brings the price of this WAY down (and it’s not very expensive to begin with!)

Up next from Sephora is DERMAdoctor Wrinkle Revenge. This is also an eye cream. I purchased this product because it said it could be placed on my wrinkly eyelids too, not just around my eyes. I had no idea when I bought it, (for $50.00) whether or not it would work because I didn’t consult my husband first. šŸ˜¦ 


After I brought it home, he quickly gave this his Seal of Approval. šŸ™‚

My most recent gift to myself is this Yeouth Neck Firming Cream. This product was an online purchase from . I was curious when I came across this product and discovered that it comes from Albuquerque, NM! I lived there for 13 years and never once heard of this company.

#FoundThemOn IG

The majority of my sun damage is on my neck. For the past 57 years, I have neglected that area because every product I tried in the past had made my neck break out…until this one. What a game changer! I never knew how soft and supple my neck (and decolletage) could be! 


I thought the price point was pretty amazing on this one, especially for the amount of product you get. 

So, those are the latest skincare products I have been loving.


YOU want to know what ingredients to look for when shopping for skincare?

Let me check with Mitch to see if he’s willing to spill the beans. 

Oh, you’re in luck!

Here are the name of the ingredients you should look for and what they do as far as your skin is concerned.

These first two ingredients are the science based version of snake venom. Yes, you read that right. Snake venom penetrates your skin quickly (and kills you).  These science based ingredients penetrate your skin quickly (and help you look FAB!)

Hyaluronic Acid / Hyaluronodase…promotes tissue repair

Polypeptides / Protein and Amino Acids…repair cells and anti-aging

Let’s not forget that snake venom also paralyzes you so you need…

Gaba…neurotoxin that smoothes your wrinkles (temporarily). Mitch said this ingredient is SUPER expensive.

The last two ingredients that are necessary in your skincare product are

Glycol / PEG /Propylene Glycol…attracts water into the skin to keep it moist

Dimethicone / Polydimethlciloxane (PDMS)…is a penetrant that pulls the other chemicals into the skin. It works in conjunction with all of the above listed ingredients.

Hope this list helps you save money and look fabulous this holiday season! 



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  1. Thanks for that! Really helpful, especially when I think about how much money we waste on stuff that doesn’t work. Interesting about the GABA. I wonder – what does Mitch think of Botox?

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