I Tried a DIY

Happy Monday!

Recently, I tried doing a DIY on a men’s shirt I had thrifted from Deseret Industries.



I thought this ($5.00) Rolling Paper Co. plaid shirt was pretty cool, with all the patches and everything.





After wearing it, I wasn’t that crazy about the length, so I decided to cut it. Then after I cut it (too short) I decided the sleeves didn’t look right, so I cut them off too.

Umm…putting scissors in my hands is dangerous. I had to stop myself from cutting anything else.

Unfortunately, my first DIY was not a success BUT that’s not going to stop me from trying to distress a pair of Old Navy jeans I’ve got lying around…



Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

9 thoughts

  1. Pretty nifty!
    You and I need to keep ourselves away from shears of any type. I have done the same thing myself. The last time was with the bang area of my hair style!!! Ha-Ha
    All in all I liked the longer sleeves and the “distressed jeans” look.

    Miss Dee xoxo

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