Trend or Halloween Costume

By now, I’m sure all of you have heard that a huge trend for Fall 2018 is Western wear. Well, I decided to hit up my local thrift and give it a try.

First up is this brand new ($3.74 @Savers) Como No? blue western shirt.


Although I really like the embroidery detail…

I totally feel like I’m wearing a Halloween costume. All I need is a cowboy hat.


Not one to give up so easily on a trend, I also scored this ($3.59 @GW) Guess western shirt.


This one was more my style because of the colors.

Also, how cute is the back of this shirt with all the embroidered roses!

Have you jumped on the Western trend bandwagon?


Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

6 thoughts

  1. Girlfriend, I was wearing ‘Western’ when you were in diapers!! Ha-Ha
    Have always loved the look AND the comfort of western styled wear — with the exception of the jeans when I was a slim gal, and wanted to show off my butt!! Ha-Ha
    I am in love with the white blouse with the gorgeous embroidered design!!

    Miss Dee xoxo

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