What I’ve Been Wearing

The title of this post should be What I’ve Been Wearing…and Not Loving.

All three of these pieces have been taking up space in my closet for probably a year and I have never worn them.

So I finally did.

This first top is OK and I might actually wear it again.

I do love a cute paisley print and the colors in this top are pretty unique. The brand is Evo Vorro and I paid $8.49 and that was the 50% off price.


Up next is something I thought I would wear all the time.

I mean, it IS a classic Levi’s slim fit denim shirt. I scored it for $6.64 but it’s not really a score at all if I never wear it. Right?!

BTW, the necklace is also thrifted, for $3.59.

The final piece I’ve had hanging in my closet forever is this Style & Co tunic top . It’s a find from Savers for $5.50.

I am SO over this look.

In fact, I was over it the minute I brought the shirt home.

But I was REALLY over it the day I wore it.


Because I saw a lady walking her dog here in Sun City and she was  practically wearing the same thing.


I immediately threw it in the bag to donate to Savers.

Yes, I washed it first.


Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

12 thoughts

  1. I agree with the last piece but the other two just tickle my fancy!! The denim shirt is something I wear all the time especially under sweaters or with fun skirts!!
    And that first tunic???? The colors are amazing and I think you need to keep wearing it! Heck, it’s one of those you could wear a skirt over it too!!

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  2. I feel ya- there’s this store by me that is only open one weekend a month and they have cute, really discounted clothes. I bought a couple of dresses last summer, both prints and was all excited to wear them. I wore one with leggings and went into a DIFFERENT store where I frequently shop with similar items. The owner was there and she pointed at my dress and hollered across the store, “There’s an oldie but a goodie! I remember when you bought that here LAST YEAR!” Although I wanted to tell her I bought it elsewhere, I said nothing- looked around noticed how many others had the same look. The only item of clothing I wished I had at that point was a cloak of invisibility! lol I went straight home and tossed the dresses donation bag.

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  3. Honestly, you are rocking all of the looks. But I’m cracking up at the fact you donated the shirt when you saw someone wearing something similar. I can only imagine your reaction!

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