Thrift Mission


a couple of weeks ago, my friend Roberta came out for a visit.

FullSizeRender 7

We have been besties since Kindergarten.

OMG, I just realized we have been friends for 50 years!!

Besides being my BFF, she is also an artist. See the jewelry she has on? She made it! She also makes jewelry out of silver plated flatware, copper and other natural elements.

You can follow her at The Orchid Anvil on FB and Instagram if you would like.

But I digress.

She came out because she was on a mission.

A thrift mission.

Armed with an empty suitcase and $400.00 in her pocket, it was my mission to take her thrifting and help her replenish her wardrobe…

and spend all her money!


She arrived on a Monday and we hit the ground running! Our first and only stop that day was my fave local Summerlin Savers.

Here in Las Vegas, all the Savers are 50% off the entire store each and every Monday through the end of the year.

Here is one of her scores.


Her cost was $4.49.


On Tuesday we hit up the Assistance League of Las Vegas where they had $2.00 capri’s that day.

She was also on a mission for new shoes, so we hit up DSW but had no luck. I also like to do people’s makeup when they come to visit, so we hit up Ulta and scored some makeup brushes. I’m sure we went some other places, but I can’t remember!!


On Wednesday, it was all about Goodwill!

We hit up my THREE favorite Goodwill’s because it was 40% off Senior day! It was also 50% off green tags.

She scored :


this brand new Madewell sweater for $3.59. It’s gorgeous!


She was also on the lookout for any leather pieces that she could turn into leather bound writing journals.

I found her a green suede suit and this Bradley Bayou (QVC brand) leather jacket for 50% off!


Only $5.00 for this!

In between the three GW stores, we also hit up the Salvation Army where it was 25% off Senior day. Well, when we got there, it turns out that all clothing was only…


How about a cute Quacker Factory (QVC) denim jacket for less than a dollar?!


Side note: we were supposed to get this for 74 cents because of the Senior discount but the cashier forgot.


On Thursday, we went shoe shopping (again). We were successful and found three pairs! One on clearance at Nordstrom Rack and two pairs (BOGO 50% off at a place I can’t remember. Wow, I’m on a roll for forgetting…sigh.

Also that same day, we took two classes at the Apple store. One on how to take photos on our iPhone and then a class on how to use the app called SnapSeed. OMG, it’s my new favorite app!


Friday, her last day here was a whirlwind. We started off at an Estate sale where she scored some silver-plated spoons and some costume jewelry. Then we stopped at an Antique Mall that was super overpriced. Next up was Opportunity Village thrift store.

Now, you all know that I only shop thrift on sale days but Roberta did not mind paying full price on these two Chico’s items I found for her.


L- a skirt for $5.99    R- a pair of workout pants for $4.99


Our last stop on our thrift mission was Deseret thrift store where she scored 3 silver plated serving spoons at 25 cents each.

I’m sure you are all wondering if I was able to spend all of her money and what she actually scored.

Here’s a breakdown:

shorts/athletic wear : 5

capris : 2

dress pants : 6

jeans : 2

leather jacket : 1

suede 2pc pant suit : 1

knit tops : 12

long sleeve blouse : 9

short sleeve blouse : 2

outerwear jackets : 8

open front cardigan : 3

skirt : 1

tote bag : 1


Here is photographic evidence.


She got over 50 items of clothing for $207.75!


The rest of her money got spent on the 3 pairs of shoes. They came in at $164.40. Her total spent was $372.15. I left her just enough money to fly back to Ohio. Hahaha

You’re probably also wondering if I managed to score anything. Umm…hello…it’s the Queen of Thrifting you’re talking to!

I scored 14 items at a total cost of $60.37. My budget was $80.00. If you follow me on Instagram, you will already have seen THIS score of mine…


So…who’s coming to Vegas next???







Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

11 thoughts

  1. Above and beyond getting a wonderful New wardrobe, I had a fantastic time! You and I were operating like a well oiled machine from day one. If anyone is considering serious thrifting, they have to come see you in action. Your fashion sense, as usual, is on target and some of the pieces I was most skeptical about are the ones I like the best! Love you my friend!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Love you too! By far, this is the most fun I have ever had thrifting! You were such a trooper trying on clothes. You ended up with 50+ pieces but you probably tried on double that amount. That, in itself, is exhausting! I’m so glad you were open minded and willing to try things out of your comfort zone. You look fantastic in everything you bought, my friend!!!


  2. What a wonderful time for you and your childhood friend! Fantastic scores at all the thrift stores you mentioned. Wise thinking on visiting Nordstrom’s Rack for the shoes! All in all this has to be one of your most enjoyable posts on Thrift Shopping Designer Tags!!!

    Miss Dee xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Because of you, any trip I might plan to Las Vegas would be solely for the purpose of going thrifting.
    It’s especially nice when you can use your talents to help a friend!
    You rock Darlene!

    Liked by 1 person

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