It’s All About the Sleeves

Check out this tunic.


I thought it was pretty cool and I was super excited to show it to my sister.



I love, love, LOVE the colors!


The $2.84 price tag didn’t hurt either.



I also love the sleeves!!


So when I showed it to my sister and she said “It’s cute, but I don’t like the sleeves.” I WAS SHOOK!



Are you Team’ Sleeve Love’

or Team ‘Not So Much’?

Let me know!




Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

18 thoughts

  1. I like the top mainly because of the colors. The blouse has a ‘retro’ look to my eyes.
    My Hispanic roots recall many senoritas wearing this style tucked into a loose flowing skirt in years past. Since lace is part of that look the sleeves are completely appropriate. Your sister may not be a fan of lace. Simple as that. You look great!!

    Miss Dee xoxo

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  2. Team love, but I usually don’t wear those kind of sleeves because of where they hit me. I have wider hips and when I wear wider sleeves I look like Sponge Bob. But I love the top on you-it’s really cute and the colors are awesome!

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