Thrifting the Swimwear Section

Do you ever check out the swimwear section of your local thrift store?

I do, because that is where you will find kimonos!


Case in point, this black/white kimono that I scored at Savers for a mere $2.62





It’s the first ‘short’ kimono that I have ever found.



I thought it was the perfect finishing touch to this casual outfit.



On that same trip, I also snagged my first bathing suit, ever!


Note the discounted price.



I scored it for $4.38!!


Unfortunately/Fortunately for me, it’s too big. (That WW program I’m on is working). I was going to gift it to my sister, but it was too small for her.

Anyone out there fit a size L in Betsy Johnson Swimwear???


Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

8 thoughts

  1. I agree with you short kimono’s are difficult to find. Very nice. As for the bathing suit. Super score!! A beautiful suit that should be just as stylish next summer.

    Miss Dee xoxo

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  2. That’s a really cute swim suit. I have a kimono that I got in the swimsuit aisle last year too! Congrats on the weight watchers working! I’m doing it too and I’m only down a frustrating 2 lbs in one month! And it’s Pumpkin Spice latte time which is too many points-grrrr!!!

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    1. 2 lbs in one month is good!! I’ve noticed this new program is a slow go on the weight loss compared to the past ones. But slow and steady is always the way to go because the weight stays off. I hear you about those lattes though…delish!!


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