Thrift Shop Day – Recap

Yes, I’m back!

Well, sporadically.

To be quite honest, I don’t have much in the way of content to share with all of you. I still haven’t been ‘dressing up’ in my latest thrift finds. In fact, I just donated about ten bags of clothing, including some items that I thrifted and never got around to wearing ( and probably never would have.)

But, on Friday, I actually got dressed and left the house (with my friend Jill) for National Thrift Shop Day!

My new friend and fellow blogger, Tyler from thriftsandtangles

2018-08-17 11.33.37

hosted an all day thrift event at Dinosaurs and Roses thrift store here in Las Vegas.

2018-08-17 11.35.22

Notice all the furniture?

It’s brand new from World Market Center here in Vegas…

where all the designers shop for their clients…

AND here at Dinosaurs and Roses all the prices are negotiable!!

2018-08-17 11.35.26

The first part of the day, Tyler was sharing all her ‘thrift tips’.

She also shared some delicious snacks!

2018-08-17 11.35.10

Next up was a clothing swap!

I was the most excited about this part of the event. I had never attended a clothing swap before and I.LOVED.IT!

I brought five items, so I got to take five items.

Here is what I scored :

2018-08-18 09.05.06

Unfortunately, this INC maxi dress has some beads missing right up front, around the waist, so I will be donating this one.

2018-08-18 09.12.01

My friend Jill actually brought this to the swap! I thought it was super unusual, which is right up my alley, so I snatched it right up!

2018-08-18 09.09.25

All the fashion YouTubers I follow are always talking about the clothing from Brandy Melville. This kimono is that brand, so it came home with me too!

2018-08-18 09.11.14

2018-08-18 09.10.24

Tyler actually brought these two items to the clothing swap.

Florals and stripes are always hard to pass up, so they rounded out my swap haul.

The last part of the event was a ‘how to dress your body shape’ workshop but I wasn’t able to stay.

If you have never been to a thrifting event or clothing swap…

What are you waiting for???!!! It was so much fun!


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17 thoughts

  1. You have been missed Darlene as i always look forward to your thrift scores AND your modeling of them.
    I am sorry I did not attend the ‘CLOTHING SWAP’ as it is sounds as if it was a winner for all involved.
    Your swap choices are items that will look great on you. Especially item #2 (colorful zipped jacket) and item #5 (pull-on hooded striped top).

    Dee xoxo

  2. Thank you so much for coming! It looks like you went home with some great pieces. I was so happy to spend the morning with you and your friend Jill. Also, that’s a bummer that the dress was missing jewels, you would’ve looked amazing in it.

  3. I did a clothing swap with a friend several years ago but we weren’t completely sure how to orchestrate it. It turned out to be a fun way to meet new people though!
    You found some great stuff. I thought the maxi dress was lovely! Guess you didn’t want to do the task of sewing on new beading eh? Just as well, cause someone will love doing that! 🙂

    1. I thought about removing the line of beads…but then I thought again and decided against it. Hahaha
      One of the reasons I went to the clothing swap was to see how it’s done. It seems pretty easy and definitely a lot of fun!

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