Taking a Break

Life is pretty crazy right now, so I decided to take a short break and hit the reset button.

My fab 92 year old MIL is having some health issues that require my attention, so looking cute and wearing my latest thrift finds is not on the agenda right now.

But, when I was visiting her in the hospital, (she’s back home now) I wore a recent score from my fave Savers here in Summerlin.

2018-07-14 11.05.12

2018-07-14 11.07.12

This navy top from Ann Taylor still had the $59.50 price tag on it.


Really…who pays these prices???

2018-07-14 11.06.15

I liked the white tipped scalloped edges.


2018-07-14 11.05.29

I also liked the $5.99 price that I paid.

Besides my MIL being ill, my youngest son (while riding his bicycle) got hit by a car. Thank goodness he is okay.

So, if you don’t see me around for awhile, don’t panic. 😉

I’ll be back!!



Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

35 thoughts

  1. Life is make up of all things positive & negative. I wish you and your family the added strength to get through your latest challenges. Pleased to hear your son was not injured in the accident.

    Friendship Hugs,
    Dee XOXO

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  2. Oh my Darlene! Life has been pretty tough for you since I last checked your posts. I’m sorry for the stress you must be feeling.
    The navy top is a bit of perfection!!

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  3. That’s a very pretty top, and I like the price you payed for it much better than the original one. The white jeans are always a fantastic choice in summer months. So sorry to hear about your mother in law having health issues. One expects them with age, but it never gets easier, does it…..sorry to hear about your son being hit by the car, thank God he is alright. Sometimes life just takes over and we have no time for blogging, but one good thing about having a blog is that you can always come back to it.

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  4. Hello again Darlene, Hoping that both your mother-in-law and son are both doing much bettter and that you are enjoying some rest and less stress. You are a very kind and loving person to be there for your family and make them your priority.

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