K-Beauty from CVS

You all already know that I’m a huge lover of Korean Skincare and makeup.

Today, I’m finally getting around to sharing some K-Beauty that I purchased a while ago.

Like, almost a year ago…

from CVS drugstore.

Before I made this purchase, I checked with my husband, the toxicologist, for his seal of approval.

The following products have what it takes, to do what they claim.


Here are my thoughts on each one.


FullSizeRender (1)

O…MG I LOVE this product!

This lightweight moisturizer has a cooling effect when you put it on, which is perfect because it’s hot all day, every day here in Vegas.

I give this product 5 STARS.



Oh my gosh! The directions on this were to use one drop. Ummm, I used four (don’t ask me why) and my face was a mess.

Once I started to use it correctly, then it was okay, but I’m not a fan of this because of the smell.

I give this product 3 STARS.


FullSizeRender (2)

I’m a huge fan of this too. I use it to prep my skin after applying my moisturizer and before my foundation. I then spritz it on my skin after applying all my makeup to set it in place.

I give this product 5 STARS too.

If you are wanting to try K-Beauty, consider your local drugstore. You won’t be disappointed.

*This is NOT a sponsored post*






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