Hiding in Plain Sight

Yep, that is what I was trying to do on a recent trip to the Las Vegas Strip to meet up with total strangers.



2018-07-06 11.58.38

I scored this colorful maxi dress at GW recently, for just $4.79 and decided to wear it for this meet up.


Umm…bad move.

2018-07-06 11.58.28

It was WAY more exposure than I like.

Even with the temps here in Vegas in the triple digits.

But before I covered myself up with a cardigan that I was smart enough to bring with me, I had Mitch take a couple more shots of me inside the beautiful Wynn hotel.


2018-07-06 12.19.15

That’s my “Are you done messing with the phone, yet? face.

I have that look on my face A LOT.



Then Mitch was trying to get creative with the backdrop.

2018-07-06 12.09.52

Can you see the movement of the water behind me?

The Wynn hotel is beautiful both inside and out. I really need to get down to the Strip more often.

Have you ever been inside the Wynn?







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