Shadow and Light

Hopefully by now, you have all noticed that my photos have improved. No more lazy blogger photos in front of the white office door.

I have stopped using my Canon camera and now only use my iPhone 8 Plus. With the help of the free classes offered by the Apple store, I have really upped my game. Believe it or not, my husband and I are usually the only ones in the class, but on this occasion, there was an older lady in the bunch who actually took a pretty fab black and white photo of me. (We take turns being the model)

Check it out!

2018-06-16 11.03.55

Pretty cool, huh! This class was all about Shadow and Light.


Here are a couple that our instructor took.

2018-06-16 11.04.10


2018-06-16 11.04.01

The majority of the photos were very unflattering to my ‘mature’ skin.


On a fashion note : this top is Vince Camuto and was scored for $4.49 at Savers.

On another note : later that same day, I shot another video of a fun activity to do here in Sun City. After seeing this top in the video, I sent it off to the thrift…




Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

14 thoughts

  1. What a fun game!! The daughter (2nd generation Sun City resident) and I have tried out the Bocce Ball courts so maybe we will try out this game too.

    Dee xoxo

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  2. You seem to be in a mood for a few updates and improvements Darlene. I’m impressed that you and your husband have taken classes to guide your way.
    You’re doing a great job of promoting the fun activities available in you community and I liked the video. Clearly your pucks (?) were coming from the wrong direction you little cheater!! 🙂

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