Putt-Putt Style

Back in Spring, I scored this no name top at Savers for $3.99

2018-06-08 13.22.11

I thought it was pretty unusual. It’s hard to tell in these photos, but it’s asymmetrical. One sleeve is actually longer than the other.

Hmm…maybe it’s NOT supposed to be that way. 😟

This is also the second time I have worn it.


2018-05-23 10.31.30

But no matter how much I liked it…

I’ve come to realize that this is not flattering on me…AT ALL!


You guys seem to like seeing the videos I create for Sun City Link Magazine. Here’s my latest one featuring this outfit.

Can you believe that someone commented on FB that they had lived here in Sun City since 1998 and had no idea that we had a putt-putt course?!!



Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

11 thoughts

  1. I’m not sure I agree, Darlene!! What don’t you like about the shirt?? I think it look especially nice with the white today!!
    As for living somewhere and not knowing the attractions…that’s totally me. We are finally exploring our town now that we are retired and it’s so fun!!

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  2. You are so funny, my friend!! Ha-Ha

    I agree with you about the blouse. Not for you and you were astute enough to see it. All part and particle of being a true fashionista.

    Luv my Darlene!

    Hugs, Dee xoxo

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  3. Ha ha! that is so funny you now think the sleeves weren’t meant to be asymmetrical! I try to pay attention to all those details when thrifting but sometimes things slip by us. It’s normal considering the amount of thrifting we do.

    Loved your little video. You are so relaxed in front of the camera.


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  4. The top was definitely worth a try!!!
    You’re doing a GREAT job in your position of PR promoter for your community. I loved the video as well!

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