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last week FB showed me a memory.

2018-06-18 11.33.14

That’s when I realized that I have had this $3.49 Calvin Klein dress hanging in my closet for the past TWO years and have never worn it!


In my defense, I’ve been waiting to be skinny enough to wear it.

Then I realized…

2018-06-21 12.14.00

that’s never going to happen.


So, I tied a cardigan around my waist (my new favorite way to conceal my stomach) and wore it for the first day of Summer!



I love that the stripes on the dress are horizontal on the front and vertical on the back.

2018-06-21 12.18.54

Yes, those are my eyeglasses and old lady fit-over sunglasses in my hand. HAHAHA



2018-06-21 12.14.34

I did a better job of concealing them behind my back in THIS photo.







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  1. Do you wear glasses? I few years ago I had to quit wearing contact lenses, a very bad day for my ego. Now I really struggle with how to be cute with glasses. I wear fun pairs, and my daughters tell me I do a good job. I follow fashion bloggers who wear glasses too! However, it is just hard to make them look good with some outfits. Still hate it!

    1. I totally agree… the struggle is real. My glasses are Coke bottle thick (-12 +2.50) and look horrible in photographs. For the longest time I have worn contacts but I can no longer wear gas permeable ones since living in the desert. The soft ones don’t give me the clarity I need to see and read, so I don’t wear them as often as I used too.
      Sigh… 😢

  2. I like the dress. xoxo

    As for the eyeglasses. I tried contacts years ago and they did not work for me as I am much like yourself and was wearing ‘coke bottle thick lens’. So I stayed with glasses. As it turned out I developed a style of my own and I have no trouble (especially today) wearing them all the time. Plus….at 77 years, I look so much better with them on as they hide some of the effects of aging around the eye area. Nowadays I wear glasses that have lenses that darken from indoors to outdoors. — so no “old lady” sunglasses over regular eyeglasses…Ha-Ha

    Dee xoxo

  3. Ooooo! That is a darling dress! It looks great on you too! I may have to steal your cardigan tying trick too!

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