Pop of Red

The husband and I are trying to get out of Sun City more often. So the other day, we decided to take a drive to Red Rock Canyon.


Not THROUGH the canyon, just the road that runs beside it.


2018-06-06 12.43.49

The pop of red can be found in the surrounding mountains…

2018-06-06 12.41.56

2018-06-06 12.41.57and the floral print of this Boston Proper dress that I scored for $4.63.

2018-06-06 12.44.02

That wind though! I spent the whole day holding my dress down!



Side note: I have been learning how to edit videos and thought I would share them with you… If you’re interested.

This video was for the Link magazine FB page and features this dress.

Hope you enjoy it!



Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

10 thoughts

  1. Nice video. You have a whole new career in addition to thrifting.👍👏 I first stumbled on your site when my Assistance League chapter here in the San Fernando Valley (CA) was opening its first Thrift Shop. (Over 90 of our 120 chapters across the USA have shops: thrift, gift, consignment, etc. – sometimes two in the same location if their space is large enough.) Your posts gave me an idea on what different shops charge for different items of clothing. I’ve continued to receive your posts because you do such a good job and they are also entertaining.

    Keep up the good work.

    Myra Fisher


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  2. This dress is terrific and thanks for taking us to the beautiful desert to provide a great backdrop!!!
    Your video is very friendly and persuasive. If I lived in your development I’d be at that ice cream social!!!
    You’re really a natural on video Darlene. It’s fun to hear your voice too!

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