Denim on Denim

Can you believe that this outfit contains absolutely nothing from the thrift store?!


2018-05-19 12.10.55

Doesn’t it look just like a romper?!

The denim top was a clearance score from Target. The shorts are Old Navy from last year. It’s a miracle they still fit. 🙁

I originally intended to wear this denim top with a thrifted pencil skirt, but on this particular day I was headed to a picnic, so…


2018-05-19 12.11.01

As you can see, I decided to wear my cute belt bag, so that I could be hands free. This bag is super small and my phone just barely fits in it, leaving room for hardly anything else.

After the picnic we decided to run some errands

What did I discover when I was at the register?

I discovered that I wasn’t just hands free…

I was wallet free too! 🙁

Good thing Mitch was with me!


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11 thoughts

  1. I am a fan of denim although you would never guess it from what I wear! Ha-Ha But you have taken that look and made it yours. Casual and comfortable looking…but with an edge of style that is exclusively yours!!

    DEE xoxo

  2. That’s a cute look! I shy away from all things one piece (romper, jumpsuit) because when I looked good enough to actually wear one (back in the stone age…..oh look a dino!), I was at an office party and unbeknownst to me I dangled the top in the toilet! I’ll never forget that feeling when I pulled up the top of my light blue jumpsuit and thought, “Why is this wet?”

    That being said, what a great idea to style the two pieces this way! Looks like an awesome one piece with none of the potential, uh, wardrobe malfunctions.

  3. Cute
    Minimalist with no color!!!
    You might consider a colorful scarf, Bandana, beads, oreven earrings (?)

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