Savers Thrift Haul AND Video!

You all know that I never pass up an opportunity to thrift.

So… during my recent trip to Albuquerque, I met up with one of my besties and fellow blogger, Jamie from More Than Turquoise, to do just that!

The fact that she asked me to shoot a video with her (centered around thrifting at Savers) was the icing on the cake!


You can check out our previous video, where we showed you some fun things to do in Santa Fe, NM  HERE.


Savers (located at 2620 Carlisle Blvd NE) and I, go WAY back.


I always find some really great scores and this trip was no exception.

Here is what I scored this time around.

FYI :  everything was 50% off the ticketed price.


You all know that I never pay full price at the thrift.


Let’s start off with the New With Tag items, shall we?

Only $7.49 for this $59.00 top.


Like I’ve been saying, JCP has upped their fashion game. This top was just $5.49.


Next up are the Designer items.

Yes, it’s black and white AND it’s stripes. It’s also Peter Nygard and I scored it for $2.99!


Theory skirts are big bucks. But I scored this one…that has POCKETS, for only $5.49!


Then… THIS happened.


Did you notice the tag says sleeveless top?

You guys…

it turned out to be a ROMPER!!

And I scored it for just $4.24!


It’s super sexy and I’m not sure I can pull it off.

Hmm, maybe if I drop a couple of pounds…

or ten.



Check out the video to see how much fun Jamie and I had together, plus find out what our top thrifting tips are!

You will be an expert, like us, in no time!


*Remember, when you thrift, you are making a difference in this world we live in and Savers has been making a difference for over 60 years! I love that they provide quality goods within my budget. Umm…I’m looking at YOU…high-end designer brands!*


What has been the best thing that YOU ever scored from Savers?


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  1. Don’t have a Savers here in the south. But when I visit my friend in Atlanta we like to shop the consignment stores in Buckhead. On a recent visit we were told when we arrived we had caught one of two days a year when they do clearance. All designer items were $5 and everything else in the store was $1. What a day!!!

  2. SO much fun doing another video with you, GF! My best savers score was a Stella McCartney handbag that retailed at $800 that I scored for $12.99. BOOM!

  3. Clearly you have an amazing eye for deals regardless of the locale! Why can’t that romper serve as a top for that darling Theory skirt? Perhaps for a pool party where you have no intention of getting in the pool? Seems like life in Vegas would stretch the time for “pulling off” fashion simply because comfort in the heat always overrides the usual “rules”!!!

    1. I am amazed at the deals I can find when I thrift.
      I think layering the romper would make me way too hot, but I could certainly give it a try! Thanks for the suggestion! And yes…comfort in the heat DOES override the usual rules. 😉

  4. I recently scored a Burberry coat at Savers for $35!! I have never found one for myself before so I’m super excited.

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