Wild Bill

Last month here in Sun City were our community wide garage sales, which means VINTAGE!

Just two doors down from me, for just $2.00,  I scored a men’s vintage Bill Blass robe with the coolest Southwest print!

2018-04-18 20.48.47

The whole kimono trend is not going anywhere and yours truly thought I could make this men’s robe work.


Um…I was wrong.



Since my husband was so quick to tell me how bad this robe looked on me, I made HIM model it.


After all, it IS a robe made for a man.



not the best look for Mitch either.


Then, it dawned on me who would look FAB in it!


None other than my friend Dee!!


There is NO question who wore it best…


That friend of mine looks good in EVERYTHING!


But wait!

I still needed something to wear, so I threw on one of my fab Eva Trends pieces!

2018-04-18 16.34.32

Where was I headed?

Well, my husband was making his debut at ‘Open Mic Night’ here in Sun City!

Four months ago, for $130.00, he bought a student saxophone and taught himself how to play!


Not too shabby, huh!


Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

16 thoughts

  1. Jodie, Darlene asked me to wear a black outfit to our theater class that evening, and said she would explain later! I complied, and after class she backs me up in a corner asks me to put on this robe! If I had fully understood what was going on I would have asked Mitch to bring along one of his cigars (as a prop) and wrapped the sash around my wild head of hair!! Ha-Ha

    Darlene, you are such a boost to my ego! You looked much better wearing the robe!!

    Dee xoxo

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  2. I thought it looked best on Dee, too. Even though she is the shortest of the three of you, she carried it off the best. And that could be attributed to the fact that she was wearing black underneath the robe.

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      1. The photo lied. You and hubby were right up front and she was further back in her photo making her look shorter. Actually if I had asked myself why the robe was shorter on her I might have figured out that she is taller than you. That must be why it looked best on her. It wasn’t weighing her down.

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  3. I actually think this robe looks amazing on you Darlene. You can totally rock it!
    So awesome that your husband taught himself how to play an instrument. I love listening to live music any chance I get. Good thing I live in Vegas… there’s plenty of live music hahaha
    Have a beautiful day!


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  4. What a cool photographic print on that robe!!! Dee has a true friend in you and she looks terrific in the robe!
    I’m really impressed with your husbands musical endeavors. He’s doing quite well!

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