This is What 92 Looks Like

A couple of weeks ago my fab MIL turned 92!

2018-04-17 14.32.48

She doesn’t look a day over 75!



To celebrate, we went to a casual lunch here in Vegas.

2018-04-17 14.21.28

But if you know my MIL, her version of dressing is rarely ‘casual’.

She happens to be wearing her new Talbot’s sweater and bracelet. Talbot’s is her go-to place for clothes. Her birthday is the one time of the year that she does not look at the price and just buys what she likes. The rest of the year, she is a bargain shopper.



Here is my fashionista MILΒ  on her 90th birthday.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 8.04.33 PM

This birthday was a fancy dinner celebration.


While at lunch, I asked my MIL what the secret was to looking so young.

2018-04-17 14.21.22

Her answer?

Eat a lot of lettuce!


Quick note about my outfit.

2018-04-17 13.42.19



This Rafaella animal print top with leather trim…

2018-04-17 11.27.13

was a find from the Salvation Army in Ohio. The cost? $7.99

BTW: it was MIL approved!


But wait, there’s more!

Here’s another photo of Harriet taken yesterday. Every Sunday we Brunch and this was her OOTD.

I told her to strike a pose.


She never disappoints!



Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

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  1. Tell your MIL I am one of her biggest fans! She has lived long enough to know what looks good on her. She is an absolutely joy to view and may she enjoy many more birthdays!

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