Chico’s for 50% Off

Thanks to a Winter Sale at Savers, I was able to score this Chico’s long cardigan for 50% off!

2018-04-03 09.56.29



I really like the 70’s vibes it is giving off with it’s pattern.

2018-04-03 09.56.50


And the fact that it has a cool belt, although I would never belt it.

2018-04-03 09.55.39


So, any guesses on what I paid?

2018-04-03 09.56.29

If you guessed $3.99, you WIN!!



Author: style4lessvegas

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  1. Face it. You have a gift! 🙂
    I love fhe colors, the length and the tassel bauble!
    Looking great Darlene.

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