Hubby’s Birthday

Last week, my husband had a birthday and turned 67!

2018-04-11 11.32.50

He robbed the cradle.



Since he often tells me that he likes my legs, I decided to wear a dress.

2018-04-11 11.39.34



This Canadian brand dress has so much going on…

2018-04-11 11.40.13

2018-04-11 11.39.42

2018-04-11 11.40.25

and of course that is why I love it!



2018-04-11 11.39.38

The $5.49 price tag didn’t hurt either!



Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

10 thoughts

  1. I like the print on the dress. Hope you had a great evening. I glanced at the photo of you and your hubby, and for a second I thought you were photographed next to Bono from U2!

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  2. The part of your blog that stayed with me after reading about the events leading up to your choice of an outfit for his birthday?
    He LIKES you in dresses.
    He is into your legs and he SHARES this with you.

    Your outfit? Perfect!1

    Dee xoxo

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