I’m always on the hunt for a cute graphic tee and I loved everything about this one!

2018-04-12 10.42.56


I couldn’t believe it was only $1.24.

2018-04-12 10.43.00


Since it screamed the 70’s to me, pairing it with an old pair of flare jeans, was a no brainer.


2018-04-12 10.43.36


2018-04-12 10.43.06

Peace out.



Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

10 thoughts

  1. I loved the ‘hippie look’ and I remember those TIGHT jeans with the flared bottoms! I used to wear a short gauzy top with mine.
    You aced the look and brought it forward a few generations with your
    graphic tee.

    Dee xoxo

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  2. Now you’re a sorority girl. Alpha Phi is a national collegiate sorority on many campuses across the country. They also have alumnae associations to belong to after graduation. It’s not my sorority, however. Looks great. Wonder why someone donated it to a thrift shop. But lucky for you, she did.

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