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I haven’t posted a thrift haul in ages, but recently, I came across a ‘new to me’ thrift store called the Charleston Outlet.

So, I thought I would share what I got, my thought process behind each item and my thoughts on the store itself.

First up, this place is located close to Downtown Las Vegas, which means…it’s old! It was however, relatively clean, bright and organized.

What I didn’t like was the fact that they don’t offer any type of discounts. (You know how this girl loves her discounts.) I guess their ‘thing’ is to mark down their items. How they determine that, I don’t know.

Enough about the store, here is what I got.

First up, I stopped at their ’boutique’ section and picked up two necklaces at $2.98 each…marked down from $4.98 each.

2018-04-02 17.57.02
Left : Chico’s    Right : Express

I thought the pricing on these items were excellent.  I mean, Chico’s for under $3.00?


The girl working the counter said that I must like circles.



Next I hit up the clothing section and scored

2018-04-02 18.05.17

2018-04-02 18.06.26

All the UK bloggers are always talking about the brand & Other Stories, so of course I just HAD to buy this!

I think this is a sister brand to H&M.

I could be wrong.

Wait, I’m right! (I just checked)

Even though it’s a size L, I can probably make it work when the ‘cold’ weather comes back around. BTW : when I washed this, fuchsia fuzz got everywhere. In fact, I need to go vacuum when I’m done writing this.


Up next

2018-04-02 18.09.56

2018-04-02 18.10.01

It’s hard to tell by my terrible flat lay but this is a maxi dress. It’s perfect for the hot weather AND it’s not black! I hated to pay this price, especially since I had no idea if it would fit because I didn’t try anything on.

Good news, it fits!


Unfortunately, this next item didn’t fit.

2018-04-02 18.11.23

2018-04-02 18.11.36

A waste of five bucks, so off to ThredUp it goes to see if I can recoup my money back.


My last item of clothing was the only bargain item I got.

2018-04-02 18.14.41

2018-04-02 18.15.34

99 cents??!! Now, that is what I’m talking about!


The cut is boxy and not that flattering…

2018-04-06 09.03.56

2018-04-06 09.04.49

but it’s super duper soft and perfect to throw on with shorts.


Now, as I was heading to the checkout, I happened by the purse section and spotted this bag just lying on the floor.

2018-04-02 18.08.05

I liked that it was a cross body bag (and also a clutch) and I thought it was fun. It felt really well made and I scored it for $4.98.

The brand is Pink Haley and it is still selling on their website…

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 8.55.03 PM


for $48.00!

Hope you enjoyed my haul!


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  1. Even without the “deals” you certainly got some amazing items!! Bummer on the tulle skirt not working, but I bet you’ll totally get it back when you send it off!!!
    I can’t wait to see that maxi on you—the colors are gorgeous!!

  2. Your last item ‘The Whimsy Purse’ is a major score!!
    I also liked the “boxy” striped top. Any clothing item that is COMFORTABLE to wear should be given a place in our wardrobes.
    I am looking forward to viewing the maxi dress, and your Chico’s necklace will garner many compliments in the future!


  3. Omg I’ve never heard of this thrift store. I’ll have to check it out. I’m loving that cute little bag and that sweater!! So adorable!

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