Happy Monday!!

I have some exciting news!

Your girl…um, that’s me…is the new social media content creator (I gave myself that title) of Sun City Link Magazine on Facebook!!

2018-03-23 08.49.24

The Link is the official magazine of Sun City Summerlin and is an award winning member of the Nevada Press Association. Not too shabby, huh!

My ‘job’ is to share with everyone on FB, all the club activities and exciting events we have going on AND to show  you how much fun it is to live here!

If you have always wanted a peek into life in an active adult community, now is your chance!

Just ‘like’ our Sun City Link Magazine FB page!

You’ll be surprised at what goes on here.




Author: style4lessvegas

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16 thoughts

  1. Perfect casting — as we would remark in the Sun City Community Theater club….notice how I inserted a plug for our club. Ha-Ha Girl, you are on your way!! I cannot think of anyone better suited to be a ‘SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT CREATOR’…than yourself!!

    Best Wishes,
    Dee xoxo

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  2. Congratulations Darlene!! Since clubs and their events are very important to folks feeling a sense of community they are often inclusive of people who might not otherwise be recognized. You’re just the kind of enthusiastic woman who will do this work well!
    You’ll look great doing it too so post some moments ok?!!

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