Vince Camuto Times Two

Back in October, I featured this Two by Vince Camuto blouse ($3.74) in a post about my Sixteenth Wedding Anniversary.

2017-10-25 12.11.42

You can read all about it HERE.

Well, that shirt was Dry Clean Only, but your girl decided to throw it in the washer…

and it shrunk.

So into the bag it went for ThredUp.


But then, I scored this Two by Vince Camuto fuzzy sweater at Savers. ($4.24)

2018-02-01 13.12.26

and I didn’t have anything in my closet that really went with it…

except that shrunken blouse!

2018-02-01 13.12.35



Good thing I procrastinated in sending that bag off to ThredUp! I’ve ended up taking quite a few items back out!


Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

8 thoughts

  1. Darlene, I think we have all done this (thrown in washer instead of dry cleaning an item). How lucky for you that you had not disposed of the blouse. Together the sweater & blouse look great on you!!
    Dee Wagar

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  2. What is that old saying about it being a woman’s prerogative to change her mind…?
    I wore a similar shirt just today with a black and white small striped t-shirt beneath it, for a bit of print mixing. I liked the look a lot!
    This shirt doesn’t look shrunken at all! Looks great on you!

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