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Recently, my husband threw his hat in the ring to run for election to become a Board member here in Sun City.

During a ‘Meet the Candidates Night’, I wore this White House Black Market suit that I picked up at my fave thrift store in ABQ NM, the Family Thrift Center.




2018-01-10 18.07.40

Now, in case you don’t know, clothing is pretty pricey at WHBM. I know because I used to work there.


Suit jackets like this one are $150.00.

2018-01-10 18.08.57

2018-01-10 18.09.07

And the pants are around $100.

You can check it out for yourself HERE.

What did I pay total???

2018-01-10 18.09.18

This Boss Lady happily paid the full thrift price of $12.99! Of course, I would have preferred to have gotten it on sale.


The five new Board members were announced on Feb 28th.

Unfortunately, Mitch was not one of them BUT at least he did not come in last!

I always look on the bright side.







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  1. I love this! I’m not a suit person but if you gotta wear one–you nailed it. (Your shoes matched perfectly! I could have never been lucky enough to have shoes that color). I like the top too. Jeans would have been ok for me too. In the mountain town where I’m from dressing up is your new jeans, nicest running shoes and best fleece top. lol….But hey, you freeze your ass off at 10,000ft… Now that I’m in the city I have to step it up a bit which has been a challenge!!!

  2. Your ability to land incredible bargains is really remarkable Darlene. Truly, I’m always a bit amazed!!
    This is a great suit. I love the color. Also, this look is trending again. Perfect for Fall!!

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