Not My Vibe

When I came across this Vibe Sportswear dress ($4.19) at the GW, I thought it was totally my vibe.

2018-01-21 12.08.19


After all, it combined leopard print, snake print and roses.

2018-01-21 12.08.46

And I couldn’t beat the price!


2018-01-21 12.08.38

But this dress never left the house because in real life…

it was not flattering on me at all.




Author: style4lessvegas

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8 thoughts

  1. I think it looked cute on you too. I think you look look good in everything you post!!! Maybe it had too much going on with the print and the fur. But I hear ya – it happens to me all the time and then I end up giving it away- sometimes that’s just easier than trying to make it work.

  2. OK I’ll take your word for it because you know your body BUT it looks pretty good from my point of view!
    So, you occasionally strike out just like the rest of us eh?? Good to know.:-):-)

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