You Can’t Take it With You

Over the weekend, I co-starred in the 1938 play ‘You Can’t Take it With You’. I played the role of Alice Sycamore, the 22 year old (ahem) love interest. Learning the lines for this play was VERY stressful and considering that I’m not an actress, it stretched my acting abilities to the limit.

I had four wardrobe changes during this 2 hr play and we were each responsible for putting our looks together.

Keep in mind that our clothing needed to look like it was from the 1930’s.

Along with the hairstyle too.

Of course, yours truly turned to the thrift store.

Here’s what I came up with.

Look #1 is when I come home from work and I am wearing a new dress.

2018-01-23 13.07.57

This dress was the most expensive one I bought. I thought it was a tad overpriced at $9.99 but the fit and style was perfect. The purse was $2.44.


Look #2 is an evening gown because I am headed to the Monte Carlo Ballet.


The play takes place in the summer time, so the dress needed to have a summery feel.

2018-01-23 13.17.06

This is the first dress I bought. It’s vintage and cost me $8.79.


Although it was the perfect color and style, I was NOT comfortable on stage in it.


So I took another trip to the thrift and scored this one.

2018-02-01 12.34.39

Keep in mind, the director did not want me to wear black, but black is my comfort zone so…black it is!

This dress was well worth the $6.39 I paid for it.


Look #3 is my disheveled look, when my future in-laws show up unexpectedly for dinner and they are in a tux and evening gown.

2018-02-01 12.51.31

Yes, I wore shoes. The pants are thrifted from years ago. I have gotten a ton of wear out of them. Probably, because they are black! Hahaha

I also ended up tying the shirt at the waist.

#DirectorsOrders 😉

Look #4 is my traveling outfit.

2018-01-23 13.22.15

This ugly Walmart dress from the thrift was $3.96 and will be going straight back there on my next trip! But the style was right.


Here are three of my looks in action!

2018-02-08 10.04.00


So, how were the reviews on my performance? said :

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 1.41.10 PM said :

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 9.30.31 PM

I appreciate the kind words!


On a related note, I’m thrilled to share with you that starting March 1st, our director Cassie McGuire, is offering 90 minute acting lessons, for five bucks a pop!

You don’t even have to be a member of the Theatre club, JUST a resident of Sun City Summerlin!

Living in an Active Adult Community certainly has its advantages!!






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  1. Bravo Darlene!!! This is really cool and your reviews had to make you very happy and pleased that you put such sincere effort into doing a great job on all aspects of playing this role.
    I LOVE your hair!!! Though it may not be an authentic 30’s style; it is darn cute on you. The fashions/costumes you chose look really great. I’m impressed that you were able to apply your shopping savvy once again! You just don’t miss a beat girl!
    I think you deserve a tiny Academy Award for your efforts Darlene!!

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