Made in Italy

When I came across this sweater and saw that it was made in Italy, I just had to have it!

2017-12-17 11.22.45

2017-12-17 11.23.17

The fact that it was only $6.09 didn’t hurt either.


I love the ruffle detail and the multi-colored specks.

2017-12-17 11.22.59


2017-12-17 15.55.50

2017-12-17 11.22.35

And of course, it’s the perfect light layer for our cool Vegas nights.

#DontBeJealous  😉



Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

12 thoughts

  1. This tweedy sweater has a bunch of great features. I love the flecks of color and have always been attracted to sweaters that have that look. Also the sort of ruffle effect at the sleeves, collar and bottom hem are SO cute!! This must be the perfect “jacket” for the desert climate!

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