Casual Friday

I’ve never worked in a job where there was a ‘Casual Friday’ because everyday was casual.

But I always dressed up because that is what I like to do.

When I came across this Penda hoodie ($4.95) …

2017-12-10 11.56.44

2017-12-10 11.56.53


I decided to give the whole ‘Casual Friday’ a try.

2017-12-10 11.56.37

2017-12-10 11.56.31

You know what I decided?

I decided that I’m a fan of casual Friday…

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…

you get the drift.  😉

Have a great weekend!



Author: style4lessvegas

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  1. Those red Converse sneakers are the perfect accessory for your “wordy” new sweatshirt! You look so cute Darlene! This is a great outfit for a cooler evening in Vegas right?

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