The Pitfalls of Social Media

Back in June, my images were used to scam a man out of $1500.00, with another $5000.00 being asked for.



The man, from Australia, refused to believe his daughter, when she told him he was being scammed.

His daughter contacted my two boys, through FB, to let them know that my image was being used to scam her father.


Let me back things up…

Over the summer, I Interviewed (here in Vegas) to be a host on JTV. (located in TN)

Not too long after that interview, I received a strange message on FB from a man accusing me of trying to scam him out of $10,000.00

I ignored it because I thought it was a scam.

I kept receiving messages on FB from other men.

Here is one of them.


Did you notice? He is from TN.


So is this fake Driver’s License…

2017-06-25 09.58.20


and this fake profile on this dating website.

2017-06-25 09.58.30

We actually found out the name and email of the man that was being scammed. My husband contacted him.

The man responded with all the information he had on the person running the scam, including numerous badly and SO obviously photo-shopped photos of me.

We turned everything over to the FBI.

Even when faced with the truth, this man was still holding out hope that he wasn’t being scammed.

I hope his daughter convinced him otherwise…




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  1. Bloggers are vulnerable but somehow it’s even more creepy when your image is being used by a criminal to victimize someone else! I applaud your efforts to protect the potential victim from harm and to inform proper authorities!

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