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I tried on my two possible outfits for the Summerlin Savers upcoming fashion show.

Monday December 18th, 1 pm

8530 W. Lake Mead Las Vegas, NV 89134

Would love to have you all come watch the show because we need an audience to vote for the Winners!

Okay, here are the outfits along with my thought process.


Outfit A.

2017-12-11 13.37.33

I can’t believe I am saying this BUT…

it’s too much black!


The skirt, I think, would look better with a gray sweater.

2017-12-11 13.36.56

Another possibility is to style it with a denim shirt. Or perhaps a t-shirt paired with a denim jacket.


I didn’t have plain black hose to pair with the shoes, so I had to throw on these patterned ones to cover my bright white legs.

2017-12-11 13.36.48


Outfit B.

2017-12-11 13.11.26

Let’s break it down…


I’m obsessed with this red sweater!!!

2017-12-11 13.08.51



The skirt is nice too BUT…

2017-12-11 13.09.13

2017-12-11 13.10.57

Not with the sweater.


Because the sweater is too long for this skirt…and the skirt is too long for this sweater!

I know you may not think so by looking at the photos but trust me… IRL it does not look good.

And don’t get me started about the shoes. They are actually 1/2 size too big (which I totally thought I could get away with ) but I can’t. They are going back to Savers for someone else to buy.


So the question remains…

What am I going to wear for the show?

I am going to wear the shoes from A. (with some plain black tights) paired with the red sweater from B. withย a shorter black skirt that I thrifted a while go.

I actually have like 4 or 5 thrifted black skirts in my closet.


Be sure and check back next week (hopefully Wednesday’s post) to see my outfit (because I could totally change my mind and wear something completely different) and those of all the contestant’s.







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