It’s Almost Time

That’s right… it’s almost time to Walk the Runway at my local Summerlin Savers!

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As you probably already know, I’ll be doing double duty.

Besides walking in the show, I will also be the Emcee.

All the contestants will be heading to Summerlin Savers this week to put together their favorite Holiday look from the racks and racks…and racks of clothing.


I headed there early and picked out two looks. Hey, I couldn’t decide which one I liked better.

I thought I would share with you what I picked out and have you weigh in on what I should wear.

Here are the two looks.

2017-12-08 15.42.42

You’re not surprised that they are both mostly black, are you?



Let me break the two holiday looks down for you.


2017-12-08 14.35.46

2017-12-08 15.43.12

This look features :

Vintage Jones New York (Lambswool/Angora blend) turtleneck

Retail : $80   Thrift : $7.99

Ann Taylor Lace skirt

Retail : $98   Thrift : $8.99

Nina holiday suede flats (barely any signs of wear)

Retail : $80   Thrift : $7.49

Total retail price $258  Total thrift price $25.00

This look is super comfy and totally my style! (It’s black). I’m also totally digging the old lady style shoe. (No offense)

I would be super comfortable Emceeing in this outfit.



2017-12-08 14.36.00

2017-12-08 15.43.30

This look features :

United States Sweaters red off the shoulder Marilyn top

Retail : Not sure, but I’m guessing $40   Thrift : $7.49

Gianni Bini faux leather pencil skirt

Retail : $80   Thrift : $10.99

Impo black strap high heel (they appear brand new)

Retail : $45   Thrift : $11.99

Total retail price : $165   Total thrift price : $30

This look is definitely more form fitting which, for me, means less comfortable. I LOVE the red sweater though, and it definitely screams holiday to me. The high heels are doable but…I do love a cute flat better. With that being said, this skirt needs the high heel because it hits right at the knee.

My husband hasn’t seen either look on me yet, so he doesn’t have an opinion.

I left the store planning to wear LOOK B. on the runway, but now I’m not so sure…

2017-12-08 14.49.27

Which look do YOU think I should wear?






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  1. Of course it’s going to be a ball and loads of fun!! Makes me wish we would be out there this year!!
    And you know I love the B version only because of the fabulous color (and leather skirt—wowza)!
    Enjoy your Monday!

  2. Can you wear one for the Runway maybe look B and the other one for the rest of the show to be comfortable? How would the red sweater from look B go with the skirt from look A? I pretty much vote for comfort these days.

    1. That thought crossed my mind, but as soon as I walk out (and do my little pose at the end) 😉 I grab the mike and start the show. It would be fun if I had time to do multiple changes. #LikeTheEmmys

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