Grandpa Style

As you all know, I’m always on the hunt for a good bargain, and going to estate sales here in Sun City is a good place to find one…


Case in point is this grandpa sweater I recently came across.

2017-11-25 11.52.21

I immediately noticed that it was cashmere, which made me interested in it, despite being a Men’s size LG.

2017-11-25 11.52.38

2017-11-25 11.52.27

It wasn’t marked so I asked the lady in charge the price.

Here’s how the conversation went down…

Lady : It’s $15.00

Me : $15.00!!!!

Lady : Well, it’s cashmere.

Me : Gurrlll…I can get this at the thrift store for five bucks.

Then a miracle happened!

There was a young man working the sale too, listening to our conversation. He immediately piped up and said…

“I’ll take five bucks for that.”

Me : SOLD!!!

2017-11-25 11.52.14

The End.




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  1. You clearly know how to bargain but more importantly how to “think outside a label” I like a woman who is undaunted by what a garment tag says regarding sex and size. A cashmere vest like this is uber versatile and you’ve really illustrated that well Darlene! That scarf is also very cool!!

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