What I Wore : Thanksgiving

Last year I thrifted the most perfect dress to wear on Thanksgiving.

2017-11-23 13.18.25


Because it’s usually cold in November, this vintage dress never saw the light of day last Thanksgiving.

But this year was different. It was 80 degrees here!

So this dress…

that screams Fall, Harvest, Cornucopia

i.e. Thanksgiving

finally got worn.

2017-11-23 13.19.36

Well, the front screams that.


The back?

2017-11-23 13.18.41

Not so much.


I’m not one to dress up for the holidays, believe it or not.

2017-11-23 13.18.37

But the weather cooperated this year and I was happy for the opportunity to finally wear this dress!

Did you dress up?


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  1. I normally do – but no one else does so …. this year I was in a sweatshirt and jeans. Not as fun for me … but I WAS comfy!

  2. You’re the epitome of tasteful, appropriate and creative for any fall event but Thanksgiving was meant for this darling little shift. Hope you got lots of compliments!!

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