It’s All About the Jacket

This Impulse of California jacket ($4.74) has a lot to say.

2017-11-05 11.52.05 copy

2017-11-05 11.52.16



So, keeping things pretty neutral underneath it, seemed the way to go.

2017-11-05 11.51.53

2017-11-05 11.51.57


Wow, I just realized that everything I have on (minus the shoes) is thrifted.

2017-11-05 11.51.47

Would you have guessed that?



Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

4 thoughts

  1. The jacket is clearly touting urban chique which is totally the vibe of the fabric print it’s made with. The fact that only your shoes were NOT thrifted makes you SMART and chique!

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