Sorry for the late post.


Life is a tad crazy these days and I needed a break from social media.


Today’s look features one of my favorite brands that show at NYFW :


2017-10-27 17.41.24


This quirky Desigual blouse was a score from Family Thrift Center in Albuquerque, NM

2017-10-27 17.39.24

2017-10-27 17.40.57

It’s got all kinds of little doo-dads and whatchamacallits on it.


For that reason, I thought it was well worth paying the full price for it…

2017-10-27 17.40.26

of $3.99.

Don’t you?





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  1. How funny how your full price is still pennies on the dollar!! I always love this brand because it is quirky. In fact, Nancy’s skirt today on my blog is a Desigual!!!
    And I can totally relate to the social media exhaust. We ought to start a hashtag??

  2. Thanks for posting! I appreciate you and all your hard work!!! Your blog is a little bright spot in my day. Cute outfit and I love the shoes-what brand are they?

  3. This top is unusual and because of the random embellishments I think you should even add a few of your own!!! Too fun!

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